Staff & Board

The Municipal Development District (MDD) Board of directors serves to generate economic development and growth opportunities regionally and within the boundaries of the district. Argyle’s MDD has a charter to incentivize or fund projects that will promote the expansion of the town’s commercial tax base in cooperation with neighboring and overlapping jurisdictions, such as the town of Northlake and Denton County.

The Argyle Municipal Development District is committed to:

  • Providing desirable services for residents of the Town

  • Developing and implementing programs to attract desired businesses

  • Developing and implementing programs to retain and support existing businesses

  • Developing and implementing programs marketing the Town

  • Developing and maintaining strategic data resources necessary to attract and support businesses

  • Encouraging and developing an environment receptive to appropriate business development

Staff & Board
Councilmember Casey Stewart
Place 1
Term Expires: 10/2025
Mayor Pro Tem Ronald Schmidt
Place 2
Term Expires: 10/2024
David Wylie
Place 3
Term Expires: 10/2025
Chad Malchow, Vice-President
Place 4
Term Expires: 10/2024
Pamela Batson
Place 5
Term Expires: 10/2025
Samantha Krider
Place 6
Term Expires: 10/2024